About Us

We are the Parent Teacher Cooperative (PTC) for Cardinal Charter Academy (CCA) at Wendell Falls, located in Wendell, North Carolina. The PTC exists to support our school with parent volunteers across multiple areas including communications, fundraising, finances, staff appreciation, community involvement/volunteer, room parents, yearbook, spirit night, and spirit wear. Our school is proud to have parental involvement to help our student body thrive and create an atmosphere of support. Please see our “Volunteer” page to find detailed information about how you can get connected! 

Our school is a part of CSUSA, with “CCA” being our local designation. Within CSUSA, the school is referred to as “WEND”. Fun fact: there are other CSUSA schools with the CCA acronym, even in North Carolina! Cardinal Charter Academy-Cary is in Cary, NC; Cabarrus Charter Academy is near Charlotte, NC; and Cherokee Charter Academy is in Georgia. For more information about CSUSA, please visit www.charterschoolsusa.com.